You might want to think twice about the color you pick as it can give insight into your personality.
Not sure I buy into all this, but tell us what you think.
Black: Powerful, classic, elegant.
White: Pure, pristine, direct.
Pearl: Glamorous, exciting, sophisticated.
Silver: Futuristic, prestigious, elegant.
Red: Sensual, dynamic, outgoing.
Gray: Neutral, sober, practical.
Light-mid blue: Calm, faithful, true; Dark blue: Confident, credible, authoritative.
Orange: Artistic, individual, complex.
Brown: Powerful, unique; Beige: Natural, down-to-earth.
Yellow: Joyful, sense of humor.
Dark green: Well-Balanced, trustworthy, traditional; Light green: Organic, no-fuss, understated.
Gold: Warm, intelligent, glamorous.
*You can read a lot more detail into each color at following link: