If You Are Considering New Tires this Winter

Consumer Reports tests consistently show that winter/snow tires deliver better grip to start in snow and stop on icy surfaces vs all-season. They offer an extra margin of performance over all-season and all-terrain tires, and they have the data to prove it.
• Always use four matching winter/snow tires for the best balance of handling and grip to stop, start, and take a corner on snow-covered roads.
• Look for the mountain and snowflake symbol indicating the tire meets an industry-defined level of snow traction.
• Winter/snow tires will wear more quickly than all-season tires, and their performance in winter will decline as they wear. As a best practice, replace winter/snow tires before they are worn out, and if you remove them at the end of each winter, you may get three or four seasons of good use out of them.

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