Did someone call a Johnny Cab?
In the future, will the only ones to own a car be the rich, and combustion engines owners be the domain of collectors? All good questions, and more than probable. If you look at the way big corporations are slowly getting us accustomed to these new technologies – cars that park themselves, drive unassisted down the highway, brake by themselves and lane departure warnings, etc. You know that the technology pretty much already exists for a 100% driverless car, but at this point no one would totally buy into it, so these are the first steps in preparing us. So let’s think this out as I’m sure they already have – in the future, battery powered cars will dominate the auto industry, so the government will probably charge huge taxes on combustion engine car owners, making it less attractive to own one. Google, Uber or others will have tens of thousands of driverless cars just waiting for you to summons with a tap of your phone. This will keep the cost down low enough making owning a car a luxury not a necessity. There really will be no need to own your own car in the future. My take – invest in battery technologies companies and driverless tech companies. It may take years, but you’re sure to be a winner.

Pic from the original movie – Total Recall