Text to Ticket is a startup based out of San Francisco, California. The idea is that of course, you’re a passenger – not driving, and you see someone distracted ie: texting, talking etc, you video them on your phone, also capturing their license plate. The location, speed, and distance recorded, are all included in the information gathered by the app. You then submit them the video recording. They will evaluate it and pass it on to law enforcement. If it passes all of the criteria and gets approved, you are paid $5.00. The whole concept is interesting, and not without its issues. Personally I see more of a potential for people to break the law trying to catch someone as well as the possibility of lawsuits on the horizon. I guess in the end, if it saves even one life, it is worth it – who knows, that life may be yours.

Read More: https://www.texttoticket.com