As we say goodby to summer, and fall rolls in, the invetiable cold weather will soon take over and your summer toys will soon need to go into winter slumber. Some basic tips need to be taken to insure your babies are happy and safe.

Keep It Covered
Obviously – indoors if possible.

Clean It Up
Clean off the bird crap and other contaminants, which can cause paint damage.

Change the Oil
Used oil has contaminants.

Top Off the Tank
Prevents moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank .

Keep It Charged
Run it every month or use trickle charger.

Don’t Use the Parking Brake
For cars, pads and rotors could fuse.

Prevent Flat Spots
Move occasionally or if indoors put carpet pieces under each tire.

Keep Critters Out
Moth balls do not work – put poison and traps out.

Maintain Insurance
Insurance company could raise your rates if you cancel.

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