The X-Trail 4Dogs is the ultimate dog-friendly crossover, with a cargo area that’s been completely transformed to provide a travel space for your animals.
Wash them off with the 360° pull-out shower.
Dog dryer which delivers a jet of air to the wet fur.
Slide-away ramp so the dogs can walk up into the cargo area.
Warm air blown into the boot space.
Luxurious bed.
Drink from the no-spill water bowl or take a snack from the smart dog treat dispenser.
Safety in transit is taken care of via a clip-on harness hook
Dog-cam technology allowing owner and dog to see each other via the seven-inch dashboard display and a new 10-inch LCD screen installed into the back.
Talk to the dog via an audio link to keep them calm.
Finally, the whole rear compartment has been upholstered in premium wipe-clean leather so any stray dirt or pet hair can easily be cleaned or removed.
The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs has been designed with every day practicality in mind. The dog bed, water bowl and treat dispenser are all easily removed to create a usable load space.
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